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Welcome to

Hello and welcome to my crazy world. 
Mostly, this is a place where you can learn a LITTLE about me. Feel free to write, say hello and look around. Hopefully, someone gets inspired by something they see or hear that might lead YOU to create your OWN worlds.
 It’s like falling into a bottomless cavern of imagination, but less spooky with HALF the danger.
 ; )~

I am so proud of the world’s I have built in the last year. 
It has been beyond crazy busy….and that is a good thing. I love sharing the stuff I create, not just because it’s $%&# that I’ve created, but I feel so blessed to have lived some of my dreams to this point….that when I create something new, I hope it shows people that there are MANY paths one can take. 
It’s really ALL doable. 
Here’s the PREACHY part….

Life isn’t really always an EASY process. It requires some pretty good thought, planning and like I say: “Halftime adjustments” (if things aren’t going EXACTLY as planned), but if your lucky enough to understand the idea that creating is Imagining meets Constructing….then you can pretty much tackle ANY project or dreams you have. You just gotta focus, plan and get it done.
All of us, successful, hard working, wealthy or less better off, are made of the same blood….we all have the capability to do well.
Remember, success isn’t always easy…or EVERYONE would be major league successful! 
There is something truly admirable if you can just make a living out of something you love…and that is quite attainable. 
You just have to believe and then DO it!

It always starts with “trying”.

 I don’t mean to sound “preachy”, I just really believe all people can do all things and have tried to live that for myself. I get a tad passionate talking to people on such things. 
On to other subjects….
So for people just seeing me for the first time or friends from long ago, I’m grateful you have taken a few minutes to check out the stuff I am doing.

Here’s the scoop….
First, for those that know/knew me from my days with Matchbox 20, I have just released my FIRST original music…EVER!
It is crazy exciting and so many of you have been HOUNDING me for years asking me when….so now…I get to say….NOW!
= ))
I hope you enjoy the music…really crazy proud of it and excited to share it with you peeps of Planet Earth.

Let’s see….also, for you first timers or others….I launched my Company called CREATIONVILLE.
It is a multi-media content generator.
Huh?!! WTH does that mean AG?!!
It means we make stuff, we tell stories, and we love making people smile!
Go check it out when you have some time and you can see our first Character “Edgar Pingleton” and grab yourself a plush toy!
It may be the softest thing on Earth….with the exception of Monroe….my Multi-talented Malti-Poo Pup.

Edgar’s book is about teaching children and adults the differences between just Wishing upon a star…and actually finding a way to fulfill your dream! 
So that should keep you busy for a while….

I hope you guys stay a while…write me a note and if you want to hear my ramblings on a daily basis….check out my Facebook and Twitter pages. I’m even on Instagram
If you get a chance, please “LIKE” my Creationville page and my Adam Gaynor Official page on facebook. 
Love to hear from you and love to share and ramble with ya!
= ))
Hugs and High fives…
see you around,


Creationville Logo

Come and check out my new Company CREATIONVILLE and meet my first Character Edgar Pingleton! Just lanched the company late last year...and we got cool Merch, shirts, plush toys and all kinds of stuff to inspire and make you smile! So proud....check it out when you can.


Born in Manhattan, New York, Gaynor’s success has always been fueled by his passion for the entertainment business.

He attended high school in South Florida and college at North Texas State University’s prestigious music program.Showing his diversity, Gaynor landed a job producing Sports content for Sports News Network in the early 90’s.

He then went back to his passion for music and started working for the world renowned Criteria/Hit Factory Recording Studioin Miami which provided access to major music industry notables like R.E.M., Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Julio Iglesiasand Collective Soul to name a few.

It was during that time that Adam landed his “dream job” when Collective Soul’s Grammy Award winning producer, Matt Serletic, ultimately would provide Gaynor his “big break”. Serletic introduced Gaynor to Rob Thomas and other band mates which turned out to be the beginning of Matchbox 20. Adam became the rhythm guitarist and background vocalist for the soon-to-sky-rocket band.

According to Billboard Magazine, for almost 10 years, Matchbox 20 was one of the most played bands on radio. From 1995 to 2004, Matchbox 20sold in excess of 25 million records, and played thousands of shows to millions of fans around the globe. The band also received three Grammynominations, two American MusicAward Nods, Earned a People’s Choiceaward, and won Rolling Stone Magazine’s Band of Year in 1998.

Gaynor has spoken on a NARAS Education panel and co-hosted the Inside the Music Businessseminar in Miami which gave him an opportunity to advise, motivate and inspire the next generation of musicians and aspiring music business professionals. Adam enjoys hosting special events, some of these include: The Temecula International Film Festival, 2) Hollywood Music & Media Award Shows, A Drukpa Organization Charity fundraiser, a David Lynch Foundation Event and a Fender Music Foundation Night of talent to raise money for schools.  He also serves on the Advisory Board for David Lynch’s TM Foundation.

In addition to co-founding the Matchbox 20 Foundation, Adam continues to be a part of the many charitable organizations with whom he affiliated with during his Matchbox 20 years including: the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, Rock Against Cancer and recently Best Buddies and Art of Elysium in Los Angeles.

Gaynor Currently lives in Southern California and continues to write, produce and record music. In 2012, Adam launched his new company “Creationville”, which is a multi-media content generator. From his flagship Character “Edgar Pingleton” to unique television and film projects, Creationville is the new fuel for Adam’s endless creative endeavors.

Current Events:
In 2005, Gaynor and Matchbox Twenty depart ways and ended a beautiful 8 year career.
In 2012, Adam becomes a member of the David Lynch Foundation Advisory Board.
January 22nd, 2013 Adam appeared on Park City TV in support of the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.
March 11, 2013 Adam Gaynor released his first solo tracks, “Stuck” and “Float” on iTunes and Elsewhere.
March 26th, 2013 Adam appeared on an episode of Bravos’ Millionaire Matchmaker.


Hey is a nice spot to reach me, tell me a story, or tell me how YOU feel! Either way...I like to listen...and glad your here! Say hello!

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